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Ismail Tennis Training ITT Masters 1000 Level School Year 21-22

ITT Masters Level - School Year 2021-22 Starts : August 30th, 2021

Our ITT Masters Level is our highest level of training we offer. It is by invitation only and features some of the best players in Northeast Ohio. It is a more serious drill compared to our others, but we still manage to have a great time by enjoying hard work and personal game improvement. 

These drills focus on , pattern/tactical awareness, weapon development, and game-style development. This drill is two and a half hours of high intensity tennis with very few breaks. 

These programs will be held at LCCC on their outdoor courts or indoors at Fox Creek during poor weather conditions.

These classes include: ​

  • Advanced technical analysis 
  • Heavy topspin and slice development 
  • Focus on weapon development
  • Specialized agility, strength, and speed drills
  • Functional movement and hitting drills
  • Specialized feeding drills to teach multi-directional tennis movement, focus on what we call the forward and backwards V. (i.e. moving back and forward for the ball in a diagonal manner​) 
  • Diagonal and forward volley movement fundamentals
  • Overhead movement 
  • Approach shots/put away ball practice
  • Big focus on recovery development and athletic stances

Pre-Requisites :

  • ​​UTR of 4.5 or higher 

The following training days will be indoors at Fox Creek Racket Club due to lack of court availability at LCCC:

Monday August 23rd

Wednesday August 25th

Wednesday September 1st

Tuesday September 7th

Monday September 13th

Monday September 20th

Tariq Ismail
1 session
2 sessions
3 sessions
4 sessions
5 sessions
6 sessions
10 Sessions - 1 Free Session Included
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